Enhanced marketing techniques are vital to the health of your listing! Effective Marketing = More $$$ for our sellers!

Restoring Excellence!

We strive to transform the ordinary listing into one that is remarkable. In today’s world of imagery, standing out is being noticed, thus, the bar is being raised. The home buying audience begs to be captivated. Ad placement and attractive marketing sells homes faster with higher sales prices.


You may have heard this saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I would like to take that a bit further by saying, “a picture is worth thousands of dollars to your listing.” Professional photography will not only bring your listing more showings but statistically, it will sell faster and for more money. When listing your home, ask your REALTOR® if they use a professional photographer for their listings. Many REALTORS® do but one thing to keep in mind is most rely on photographers that schedule multiple photo shoots and clients per day. This scenario does not always ensure that your listing will be photographed during optimal lighting conditions. Request a time slot that will show your home in it’s best light! As a general rule of thumb early morning or evenings work best.

Greater Exposure = Less Days on Market!

At Callahan Realty Group the formula is simple. They have found there is a direct relationship to days on the market and exposure to the nations top real estate websites. For this reason, They are committed to getting your home in front of real buyers. Once listed, your property’s enhanced marketing will be submitted to a network of websites with coverage north of 900 different quality sites. CRG maximizes every opportunity to attract qualified buyers through partnerships with the leading consumer real estate websites. In addition to marketing nationally, your
listing will travel the globe to over 30 international sites in more that 25 countries.

Some of our National Publishing Partners Include:

Tomorrow’s Technology

CALLAHAN REALTY GROUP utilizes tomorrow’s tools and technology to command the attention of today’s tech-savvy buyer. The real estate game has evolved! Today’s showings are done online. If you do not show well virtually, the translation is far less real showings and more days on the market. Let CRG present you with a glimpse into the future and demonstrate what tomorrow can

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